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Spiritual Guidance

From the minute we are born to the moment of our dying, we are engaged on a spiritual journey whose purpose is to teach us more about ourselves and the reality of being alive. Life is a precious gift. It's also tough and none of us is going to make the journey unscathed. If we live life fully, we will all encounter pain and suffering. Hopefully we will also find love and experience joy and serenity.

This provides us with an opportunity to think about who we are and why we're here. What makes us suffer? What makes us happy? What is our purpose in life? Sometimes we know something is missing but we can't put into words what we?re looking for.

We may want to know more about God, Spirit, death, religion, spirituality, reincarnation, karma, enlightenment, coincidence, illness, the nature of good and evil, out of body experiences, ghosts, spiritual teachers, finding a spiritual path. The questions are many, the answers are probably quite simple once we have a helpful discussion with someone who knows the terrain and is also making the journey.

Charles offers Spiritual Guidance. He does not advocate or teach a specific spiritual practice. But he does believe in the power of love and the importance of living truthfully with kindness to ones self and others.

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