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Interfaith Minister

Charles writes: As an ordained Interfaith Minister, I create and lead ceremonies of all kinds:

  • wedding blessings, handfastings and vow renewals
  • civil partnerships
  • separations and divorce
  • namings and baby blessings
  • coming of age and rights of passage ceremonies
  • funerals and memorials
  • house cleaings and blessings
  • ceremonies intended to heal specific issues
I like ceremonies to emerge from a creative process which begins with the wishes, beliefs and aspirations of the persons wanting to hold the ceremony. My role as an Interfaith Minister is to facilitate, guide and hold this process and, whenever appropriate, to offer my creativity and experience.

I also practise Spiritual Counselling, a form of counselling which starts with the recognition that each one of us is, without exception, innocent or whole. At the core of our being resides the Self. Acknowledging this powerful truth brings depth and a new dimension to the power of words (and silence) to resolve difficulties, uplift, transform and heal.

With others, I run a monthly Universal Worship evening where all are welcome to come and find their connection with Oneness and Truth through simple devotional singing, prayer, readings, stories and meditation. In taking part, we bring the blessing of our presence and, in turn, we are blessed by the occasion.

For more information on my work as an Interfaith Minister, visit www.universalceremony.co.uk or the website of the Interfaith Foundation www.interfaithfoundation.org
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