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Healing works with the energy of life in a very simple and direct way. It can make a huge difference in all kinds of illness and suffering, helping people to find a positive way forward.

Healing can help with the following:

  • With all illnesses because it treats the whole person and not just the symptoms: for example, arthritis, back and joint problems, cancer, pain relief, MS, migraine, asthma and eczema, ME, hormonal and digestive problems etc.
  • To restore energy levels and strengthen the immune system so that it can work more effectively.
  • Following an accident or shock.
  • Before and after surgery.
  • With emotional or mental health difficulties.
  • When going through personal change or a life crisis: for example, financial or relationship difficulties, moving house or jobs, bereavement, loss, stress or simply feeling out of sorts, blocked or stuck.
  • Children and animals as much as adults.
Healing is a safe, non-invasive form of treatment. It does not involve diagnosis and will complement all medical treatment including prescribed medication. It does not require a person to hold any particular beliefs.

Healing can help people feel more at ease, in balance and at peace with themselves.

Distant Healing

If you would like to receive distant healing, please ask and we will send it out on your behalf.

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