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Counselling for Frome, Somerset & Wiltshire

Most of us feel stuck from time to time or we find ourselves in a difficult phase when itís hard to retain our confidence and sense of direction. Or we simply feel overwhelmed by aspects of our lives which are not going well. In such situations, finding a counsellor whom we can trust can help us move forward by identifying our problems more clearly, deepening our understanding and implementing practical solutions.

Sometimes a person just needs to be heard before they can move on. At other times, they have to explore in detail what concerns them. Talking from the heart and listening without judgement are powerful therapeutic tools for resolving difficulties and challenges.

My approach to counselling has warmth and a down-to-earth perspective embracing both the vulnerability and the resilience of the human spirit. Where it is not possible to meet in person, counselling can take place over the telephone or on skype.

Counselling for Couples and Relationships

Being in a relationship can be hugely challenging. It is also potentially very satisfying and rewarding. Our lives are full of relationships of different kinds: for example, parents, siblings, children, partners, colleagues, neighbours and friends. Through relationships we are given the opportunity to learn about others and, more to the point, ourselves.

When we hit problems, get stuck or become confused, we can either blame someone else or the situation. Or, we can look at ourselves and ask what is here for me to understand about myself and who I am. Counselling with a spiritual perspective offers a way to do this with loving honesty and kindness.

Counselling supported by healing can be very effective in sorting out problems between couples. Seeing each person individually for healing and the couple together for counselling provides the support and the spaciousness to face the truth of what is not working well in the relationship. Alternatively, couples may choose to have counselling without healing.

Support around Dying and after Bereavement

As an Interfaith Minister and Funeral Director, I have a particular interest in supporting those who are dying or going through bereavement. Death is something we tend to avoid talking about but it forms a natural and inevitable part of life. It is one of the few things we know will happen. Preparing to die or giving support to someone who is facing their death can help enormously when the moment comes.

Similarly in the aftermath of a death, our feelings can be intense, confusing and hugely painful. Talking to someone who doesnít back off the subject can help us come to terms more quickly with what we are going through.

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